HPCNC is High Performance Computing and Networking Center located at Department of Computer Engineering at Kasetsart University, Thailand.


Laboratory Head: Asst. Prof.  Putchong Uthayopas, Ph.D.


Laboratory Associate: Assoc. Prof. Chantana Chantrapornchai, Ph.D.

HPCNC learn about high performance computing such as parallel computing, cloud computing and gpu computing.

HPCNC was established by Dr. Putchong Uthayopas. Recently, Dr. Chantana Chantrapornchai has joined since 2014.

We involve in teaching  about parallel processing including parallel system architecture, basic interconnection network, parallel programming using message passing, performance model of parallel algorithms, cloud computing , GPU and GPU programming, OpenMP and Xeon Phi . We also organise the related training on these topics.    Recently (2015), we have been granted by NVIDIA for hardware research grant and we have been selected by NVIDIA as a CUDA teaching center to conduct teaching and training in Parallel programming and some of our research is currently supported by NVIDIA hardware grant. The grants include 5 NVIDIA Teslka K40 and 2 GTX 980. Besides, we have Jetson TX2, TK1, Rasberry pi for small testbed.

NVIDIA_GPU_Education_Center_V_hires_Badge kulogo.png

The research areas that we are working on include, HPC and scientific computing, HPC application parallelization using GPU and Xeon Phi platform, power efficient cloud computing, parallel data mining on a cloud and cluster system, SDN application to HPC. We also have a research working on the parallel simulation of nanoparticle capturing. Besides, we are working on big data processing using GPUs. Particularly, the large semantic web processing algorithms are developed where we have a cooperation with Prof. Sergei Gorlatch from the University of Muenster, Germany.

We also involve in National Software Contests as well as International ones. Recently, our team “Lightning Green” has been selected as 16 finalist for Asian Supercomputing Contest 2015 and has selected as one of 20 finalist in ASC 2018  as the team “ICEBUCKET” (http://www.asc-events.org). In 2018, we have been selected (one of 12 teams)  for ISC 2018, student cluster competition at Frankfurt, Germany.



2015-05-22 (1)11329986_111776849155583_5791493481401022411_n

Lighting green 2015

Lighting green 2015, Finalist


Icebucket 2018, Finalist


HPCNC 2018,@ISC Finalist




Lighting green 2016, Prize of Excellent

More about us on video.






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