Kasetsart University was established on February 2, 1943, with the primary aim of promoting subjects related to agricultural science. It was the first agricultural university and the third oldest university in Thailand. Kasetsart University is a top-ranked public university in Thailand. According to QS university ranking 2014, Kasetsart University is ranked 41th in Asia in natural science. According to 2014 SCImago Institutions Ranking (SIR), Kasetsart university has been ranked #4 in Thailand .To date, Kasetsart University has revised its curricula and expanded its subject areas to cover science, arts, social sciences, humanities, education, engineering, and architecture. Recently, the university made an attempt to include medicine and health science. Kasetsart University has seven campuses throughout Thailand, where its main and flagship campus is at Bangkhen, Bangkok. With 58,000 students enrolled, it is one of the largest universities in Thailand.


Kasetsart University has been involved in supercomputer development in Thailand since 1996. In 1999, Kasetsart University build one of the first and largest Beowulf cluster in Thailand (72 nodes) called Pirun cluster.


This cluster is the fastest supercomputing facility in Thailand at that time.


In 2007, Kasetsart University is selected as the main site for supercomputing under ThaiGrid National Grid Project, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. A 200 nodes cluster server was installed which delivered about 4 Teraflops computing power to 22 universities under ThaiGrid project. KU is the core site for ThaiGrid.



We are located in Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University. Our department was founded on February 3, 1989 and is one of the top Computer Engineering departments in Thailand. The mission of our department is to provide and excellence academic environment that produce research, innovation, and future generation computer engineers that drive the technological development of Thailand. Currently, the department has 31 faculty members and about 600 students. The department offers several degree programs such as Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering), International Bachelor of Engineering (Software and Knowledge Engineering), Master of Science (Information Technology), Master of Engineering (Computer Engineering), and Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Engineering).

More information about the department: http://www.cpe.ku.ac.th/

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